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The Treo Gravity is a low-bow groove mould hockey stick. This stick is made from a combination of materials: 95% Carbon, 2.5% Kevlar and 2.5% Aramid.


Who is this for?

The Treo Gravity has been designed for players who want to play with flare and 3D skills on the field. The groove mould allows for extra control when performing 3D skills, aerials and dragflicking. The Gravity stick also allows players to create power and control the ball wherever you play on the field.


More Detail

Bow type: Low

Mould: Groove

Bow Position: 210mm

Bow Height: 24.75mm

Length: 36.5" and 37.5"

Carbon: 95%

Kevlar: 2.5%

Aramid: 2.5%


€250.00 Regular Price
€75.00Sale Price
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