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Introducing the ACE 90% Carbon Hockey Stick - the epitome of soft touch, control, and power! With its innovative design featuring a 24.75 mm bend at the 150mm bow, this stick is engineered to give you the ultimate advantage on the field.


Crafted with a 90% carbon composition, the ACE stick delivers unparalleled power without compromising on control. Experience explosive shots that leave goalkeepers helpless, while maintaining the finesse and precision needed for accurate passing and dribbling. With the ACE stick, you can unleash your full potential without sacrificing soft touch and control.


The 24.75 mm bend at the 150mm bow is the perfect blend for players seeking enhanced ball control and agility. The carefully crafted bend provides optimal responsiveness, allowing you to easily maneuver the ball and create space in tight situations. Effortlessly navigate through defenders and showcase your superior stickwork skills with the ACE stick in your hands.


Soft touch and control are the hallmarks of the ACE stick. The specialized construction offers a unique feel, providing an unrivaled connection between the stick and the ball. Experience a stick that responds to your every touch, enabling you to execute precise passes, delicate flicks, and deceptive feints with ease.


The ACE 90% Carbon Hockey Stick is your key to dominance on the field. With its winning combination of soft touch, control, and power, this stick is designed for players who refuse to compromise. Elevate your game to new heights, dictate play with finesse, and leave your opponents in awe of your skills. Choose the ACE stick and unlock your true potential.

ACE 90

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