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Field Hockey Sponsorship

Treo Sport is in search of individuals who align with our mission to produce the best quality hockey gear. We are seeking enthusiastic hockey players who can aid us in expanding our brand presence through social media postings and spreading the word among your local club.


Who Should Apply?

Currently, we have open opportunities for hockey sponsorship in both Ireland and worldwide, without any limitations based on playing level or age. The primary criteria is your unwavering passion for hockey.
If you are solely seeking free equipment without a genuine desire to contribute to the growth of the Treo Sport brand, this opportunity may not be suitable for you.

Benefits of being sponsored:

Becoming a sponsored player with Treo Sport hockey comes with a range of advantages. These include free equipment or substantial discounts, exposure on our social media platforms, and much more! By joining us, you'll become an integral part of a devoted hockey community and even contribute to shaping the future of Treo Sport's hockey gear!

Treo Sport Sponsorship Application 
What level do you play at: (tick all that apply)

Thank you for applying. We will be in touch shortly!

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