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Introducing the groundbreaking Pure 2.9 90% Carbon Thin Shaft Hockey Stick with a bend at the 200mm bow and long hook! Designed to revolutionize your game, this stick offers unrivaled control, distribution, and elimination skills on the field.


Crafted with a 90% carbon composition, thin shaft, and long hook, this stick is engineered to provide the ultimate combination of power, precision, and versatility. The high carbon content ensures exceptional power transfer, allowing you to unleash powerful shots and accurate passes. The thin shaft enhances maneuverability, providing effortless control and smooth handling for superior ball control. The long hook adds an extra dimension to your game, enabling you to execute precise dribbling and dynamic stickwork maneuvers.


The bend at the 200mm bow provides unparalleled control and effortless ball distribution. With this stick, you can effortlessly execute accurate passes and distribute the ball with ease. Experience enhanced vision and precision as you flawlessly set up your teammates for scoring opportunities.


The 90% Carbon Thin Shaft Hockey Stick excels in elimination skills. The combination of the bend, thin shaft, and long hook allows for quick and agile stickwork, enabling you to navigate through defenders effortlessly. Showcase your creativity and outmaneuver opponents with finesse and precision.

This stick is your ultimate tool for dominating possession, dictating play, and showcasing your skills. With its exceptional control, precise distribution, and impressive elimination skills, it is the perfect choice for players seeking to take their game to new heights. Unleash your potential, become a true playmaker, and leave your opponents in awe with the Pure 2.9 90% Carbon Thin Shaft Hockey Stick with a long hook.


PURE 2.9

€225.00 Regular Price
€99.99Sale Price
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