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Introducing the Velux 70% Carbon Low Bow Hockey Stick! Engineered to deliver exceptional performance in power, 3D skills, aerials, and dragflicking, this stick is a perfect blend of precision and versatility.


Designed with the modern hockey player in mind, this stick features a 70% carbon composition. The optimized carbon content provides the ideal balance between stiffness and flexibility, allowing you to generate impressive power without sacrificing control. Experience the perfect synergy between strength and finesse with every touch of the ball.


Unlock your full potential on the field with the low bow profile of this stick. Perfect for executing precise 3D skills, the low bow shape enhances your ability to manipulate the ball effortlessly, giving you the edge to outmaneuver defenders and create scoring opportunities. Master spins, lifts, and eliminations with unparalleled control and finesse.


Take your aerial game to new heights with confidence. The Velux 70% Carbon Low Bow Hockey Stick is engineered with an optimized shape that facilitates seamless execution of aerial passes and shots. Experience superior maneuverability and accuracy as you effortlessly launch the ball into the air, mesmerizing opponents and setting up breathtaking plays.

When it comes to dragflicking, this stick truly shines. Its low bow design, combined with the perfect balance and weight distribution, empowers you to generate remarkable speed and precision while executing lethal dragflicks. Take aim and unleash unstoppable shots that consistently find their mark, leaving goalkeepers in awe.


Elevate your performance with the Velux 70% Carbon Low Bow Hockey Stick. Experience the perfect balance between power and control, as you dominate the field with your exceptional 3D skills, aerial prowess, and dragflicking finesse. Upgrade your game and make your mark on the pitch today!

Velux 70

Expected to be shipped END OF JULY
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