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Mental . Physical . Technical


Treo Sport engages with individuals, groups and teams through its athletic development programmes. These typically take place within 3 different settings as described below.
  1. Sport Camps

  2. Small Group Development 

  3. Team Sessions

For more details on each of these events, please click below.

Hockey Sticks, Equipment and Apparel 

Treo sport hockey sticks are designed by players and coaches. We pride ourselves in providing quality products for an affordable price. 

We aim to produce a range of clothing that can be worn during sport or as casual wear.

Custom Teamwear

Here at Treo Sport we understand the pride of representing your sports team and want to provide your club with high quality teamwear.

We believe that all teams should have teamwear that represents their club which is comfortable and looks well so that players can wear their kit with pride.

Team Treo


Treo Sport creates athletic development programmes designed to enhance the potential of young athletes.

At both school and club level, coaches commonly focus on technical skills but overlook the importance of the psychological and physical aspects necessary for developing the young athlete.

At Treo Sport our programmes address the importance of technical skills, physical conditioning and mental skills necessary for developing young people who participate in sport.

Treo Sport focus not only on improving technical skills, but teaching athletes how to mentally and physically prepare and recover for training sessions and competitive events. By developing the whole athlete, not only does the person improve athletically, but experiences a greater level of fun and contentment with sport.

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