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Introducing the Complete 90% Carbon Hockey Stick - the ultimate all-around weapon for the modern hockey player! Designed with a 25 mm bend at the 190mm bow and a flat 3D head, this stick is the perfect fusion of versatility, power, and control.


Engineered with a 90% carbon composition, this stick delivers exceptional stiffness and power. Experience explosive shots, precise passes, and devastating flicks as the high carbon content provides unrivaled power transfer, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the field.


The 25 mm bend at the 190mm bow offers the perfect balance between control and maneuverability. It enables you to execute quick turns, dynamic dribbling, and sharp changes of direction with ease, empowering you to outwit defenders and create scoring opportunities.


With its flat 3D head design, this stick enhances your ability to execute flawless 3D skills. Whether you're lifting the ball, spinning, or performing intricate stickwork maneuvers, the flat head provides a larger surface area and optimal control, allowing you to execute these skills effortlessly and confidently.


The Complete 90% Carbon Hockey Stick is the ultimate all-around stick that caters to every aspect of your game. It excels in power, control, and versatility, making it the ideal choice for players of all levels and positions. From precision passes to powerful shots, aerial dominance to dynamic 3D skills, this stick has it all.


Choose the stick that offers the perfect balance of power, control, and versatility. Choose the Complete.

Complete 90

€225.00 Regular Price
€157.50Sale Price
Expected to be shipped END OF JULY
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